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Bini Engineering provides MEP design services for buildings, hospital, industries and specialty structures. The services provided include new construction as well as renovation and restoration of existing buildings and other structures. We prepare MEP drawings and specifications as required for new construction or for renovation and restoration of existing buildings.

ServiceBini Engineering

  • Mechanical

    Our Mechanical services includes Machine Design, Machine Servicing / Maintenance and Machine Sales.

  • Electrical

    Our Electrical services includes Electrical Design, Electrical Execution, Electrical Servicing / Maintenance and Electrical Sales.

  • Plumbing

    Our Plumbing services includes System Design, Execution, Plumbing Servicing / Maintenance and Plumbing Sales.

Our Mechanical Services

Mechanical Drive Steam Turbines

Pumps, Compressors, Fans/Blowers

Furnaces and Boilers

Measurement Devices (Flow, Temperature, Positioning)

Cooling Towers and Heat Exchangers

Our HVAC Services

Heating Systems

Ventilation Systems

Air Conditioning Systems

Refrigeration Plants

Boiler Plants

Air Handling and Distribution Systems

Fluid Handling and Distribution Systems

Water Treatment Systems

Computer Room, Clean Room and Laboratory Environmental Systems

Our Electrical Services

High, Medium and Low Voltage Electrical Distribution Systems

Motor Controls

Emergency Power Generation (EPG) Systems

Lighting Design

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems

Lightning Protection and Grounding Systems

Electronic Sub metering Systems

Computer Room Electrical and Grounding Distribution Systems

Our Plumbing Services

Hot and Cold Potable Water Systems

Sanitary and Waste Systems

Water Treatment and Filtration Systems

Medical and Laboratory Services

Compressed Air Systems

Our Fire Protection Services

Fire Protection and Suppression Systems

Wet Sprinkler Systems

Dry and Preaction Sprinkler Systems

Our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Services

Same day service when clients do have a problem

Increased equipment life with scheduled visits and preventive maintenance procedures

Helps avoid costly down time and large unexpected repair bills

Provides Peace of Mind that clients’ system is operating at peak efficiency